A Total Marketing Solution

Marketing can be a complex puzzle:  Advertising, media, writing copy, data prospecting, pre-qualifying, etc- all with the singular purpose of getting your salesperson in front of a qualified prospect.  For most solar companies, this is a very expensive way to bring a new client in the door, and there is no guarantee that the expense will even do that!  Blitz Solar solves that problem for you.  We do all of that work for you, and you only pay us when we deliver!  With Blitz Solar, there is literally no marketing risk, whatsoever.

Consistent, Daily results

Working with Blitz Solar, you know what you will get each and every day when you come to work:  Qualified, motivated homeowners with a pre-set, confirmed appointment to have your salesperson in their home for a presentation.  And, if the appointment doesn't happen, you don't pay us a penny!


What are you waiting for?

Blitz Solar only works with a select few companies in each market.  Contact us now to inquire about availability for appointments in your market!